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Our History

The founder and builder of our church is Jesus Christ himself. He said in Matt. 16:18 I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it”. When Jesus came to this sinful world men was scattered abroad as sheep having no Sheppard. Jesus came to gather His sheep into one fold. In the beginning of time, God made man to be one with him and in unity with each other. But because of man’s disobedience, rebellion and pride in Genesis 11, God for their punishment, scattered man upon the face of the earth and confounded their speech so that they would not be able to understand each other’s language.

In 30-33 AD from the start to end of Christ ministry, he build and established his one church with the purpose of calling men out of the darkness of sin and separation from God into one fold.  After his death, his disciples went forth preaching and teaching the doctrines of Jesus Christ and many souls were converted to Christianity from paganism. The church began to face many heavy persecutions, but the church held to the saying of Jesus Christ: The gates of hell shall not prevail against it. In spite of its battles many congregations were built and established on the spiritual landmarks set and establish by Jesus Christ. This time was known as the “Apostolic Age” This new beginning was also known as the “Morning Time” A time when the full light of gospel truth was preached.

By 270 AD the influence of the Morning Time church was dominating the world and many souls were being converted to Christianity. During this era of time the religious system that persecuted the church was the Pagan Romish influence. Men was free to worship the god of their choice until they heard the message of things concerning Christ and His church and fell under conviction for their sins. Rome made its revenue and flourished economically from the money given by the people to the worship of gods. Now that men were being converted including soldiers and Roman Politicians, Rome was losing ground, power and its influence over its nation.  The church came under heavy attack being jailed and killed. But the church greatly wounded this accusing and persecuting power.

By 530 AD, 260 years later, the deadly wound of Rome who was losing its power, influence and seat of authority, would be healed and relieved from facing extinction by the changing of its tactics of how it was fighting against the church. So it became a Papal ruling religious system of “Man as God” worship, changing from Pagan Rome to Papal Rome. Instead of Worshipping many gods, men would be commanded by Roman government laws to pay homage, money and give it’s allegiance directly to the faith and Pope of the Holy Roman Catholic church only. This beast had very sharp teeth and would tear apart anyone who stood against it shredding the saints to death in many ways. The light of Jesus that openly shone bright would start to become dim to dark. But although the outward form of worship and witnessing of Jesus Christ was banned, the word of God yet shined in the hearts of Christians who didn’t recant and compromise to this devouring religious system. This time was known as the “Dark Ages” and it lasted for 1000 years from 530 AD to 1530 AD. During this 1000 years many generations passed away until men born into new generations knew not the God of their fathers. So God over a period of time revealed himself to man.  

In 1530 AD, God revealed himself to a priest by the name of Martin Luther, who was seeking Gods truth through days of fasting and prayer as he saw practices of his church that was contrary to the word of God.  God spoke to him through his divine word, the holy scripture that read in Romans 1:17 that the “just shall live by faith”, not by the rules of men. He understood that men shouldn’t and didn’t have to repent to a priest and pay for their sins but rather trust in God only. God gave Martin protection as he protested against his own Catholic faith. The time of complete darkness was coming to an end as light was beginning to be ushered in to the hearts and minds of men through Luther’s divine revelation. Many souls saw and understood the light once again and stood to reform the church that Jesus built as laws were changed to protect them. During the dark ages Gods church may not have been visible outwardly, but it was never destroyed by man. During this time of reformation, God used other honest hearted men to reform, giving them more light of truth to bring back in full view the true church of Jesus Christ. Also during this same time pride and preeminence overtook and ruled the hearts of some men causing them and many souls that followed them to err from the truth, establishing their own righteousness, churches, sects, doctrines and creeds. This gave rise to many different denominational church faiths. This protestant age was also known as the “cloudy day”, meaning that it was neither dark nor full light but rather a mixuture of truth and error, making it cloudy or unclear.

In 1880 God moved upon many men who he found righteous to be used as vessels to call God’s people out of sectarian confusion. By this time there were many established denominations where God people were scattered. Daniel Sidney Warner was among these men God used to publish and travel to get His message out  to call men out of Babylon into the one true body of Jesus Christ. The message showed a clear contrast between God True church and the false denominationalist. God’s church once again consisted of born again, faith walking, sin free believer who were in unity both in faith and spirit.  The old landmarks were once again visible. The church was fully reformed as it was in the morning time. The full light of the gospel now shined. This time period is known as the “Evening Time"