Central Florida

    Worship Center

Our Purpose

Our purpose further defines our Mission. Lifting up Jesus Christ that souls will be drawn to the light of salvation in our lives and through the preaching and teaching of the gospel. Once you are saved from sin you are to be a witness to others that they too might be delivered.

  • Through lifting up Christ, men will be attracted to Christ - St. John 12:32
  • Through God's Love & kindness we draw men to Him - Jer.31:3; Titus 3:4,5
  • Through Wisdom we win souls to Christ - Prov.11:30
  • Through Courage we catch men - Luke 5:10
  • Through your Light men will come to glorify God - Mat.5:16
  • Through Preaching the Gospel men will be saved - Mark 16:15,16

Saving souls from sin is the purpose .  . Reaching souls is a ministry.

It’s God’s hearts desire that your world be saved and established in the truth. You must get hungry to learn whatever lessons the Lord want to teach you through the truth for your own spiritual growth and soul winning effectiveness.  

 Here’s a prayer you can pray:

“Lord, make me an instrument, a tool, a voice to declare your glory to the souls in this world. Prepare me to be a blessing and inspiration to those I come in contact with. Move me with compassion and mercy for the lost. Clad me with righteous zeal to boldly proclaim and testify the good news of salvation from sin. Equip me with Unction and Power to make a difference. Give me tact to speak the right words in due season. Deliver me from unreasonable and wicked men. Make me wise serpents but yet harmless as doves. Stir me, to consecrate myself for the anointing and unction for you to work through me and in me.