Central Florida

    Worship Center

Our Mission for Lakeland is to Empower sin-free living

In 2008 God used Pastor Troy Jones to preach at a funeral in Elmira, NY many souls were saved there. Since that time as of 2014 some of the New Yorkers who heard the gospel, have migrated to Lakeland Florida. Our mission for Lakeland is to empower sin free living among the residence through the preaching of the true gospel of Jesus Christ. Many souls have responded.

In a Bible study in our Sunday night service these souls were saved. Help us pray for these converts to strive for the upbuilding of their faith in Christ and His Church. hese are some of the souls that were saved there in 2014.
Church Service held on Sunday nights in a beauty salon. This new convert is testifying and thanking God for his goodness and the Church of God
Pastor Howard Moncrief came from Greenville, MS to visit with his sister and niece that lives in Lakeland FL and while here a soul name Mr. Bruce was sweetly saved through his teaching and influence. Help us pray for Mr. Bruce that God will keep him.

A new convert sister Takia lives in Lakeland Florida along with her six children. She was saved from sin in a Bible study in her home and is striving to stay saved and she is faithful and dedicated.

Brother Robin of Lakeland Florida, has been a faithful supporter to the Lakeland Mission and to the ministry as a Sunday School Teacher to the church and converts.

Help us in prayer. God is able to bless OUR VISION to come to pass